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January 19th, 2014

The best places to get info on the ladyboy scene in Thailand and the rest of Asia are communities that offer member interaction over message boards such as a forum where members post topics with questions and answers to share opinions and visual media such as shemale photos and ts movies. I have compiled a small list of shemale baords that help to gather more information in case you plan a trip to Thailand:

Shemale Forum - a global forum about locations where to meet shemale escorts from all over the globe. It's steadily growing although not as active at certain times.
The Ladyboy Forum - Very active board about the LB jetset in Bangkok. I think it is largely supported by Stoogie, the owner of AsianTS. You see a lot of LB porn stars in images on this board.
Ladyboys Pattaya - A rather new LB forum about the TS trade in seedy Pattaya. Read about new Pattaya LB bars before they open.

Upon registration you receive access for all boards for free and for exchange of opinions with seasoned ladyboy experts

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Russian Tranny

January 18th, 2014

We all know the hot trannies from Thailand and Brazil, but a hot TS from Russia? Can you believe that? It appears to be true. Lola TS is a sexy Russian TS who runs her own website. She is a hot blonde and the best thing about this spiffy Russian TS is the fact she is looking for personal meetings. Yes, she is a shemale escort! Of course she is a bit picky in whom she meets: I guess the amount of money she gets offered matters a lot!

An amateur nudie of Russian Lola. She is offering herself as an shemale escort.

Brazilian Tranny

January 15th, 2014

While on the prawl for fresh tranny pics I stumbled upon an image gallery of a stunning Brazilian Transsexual: Paula Melo. It's the first tranny redhead I see naked from Brazil. Usually, the Bonecas - that's how Brazilians call their chick with dicks - are either blonde or brunette, but red hair is very seldom. Of course it's hard to tell if she is a true red haired TS as she shaved everything around her trisexual cock. Oops, have a look at her penis ... it's pretty big, isn't it?

Shoving a vibrator in her TS butt, nude tranny Paula Melo from Sao Paulo

Thai Ladyboys

January 15th, 2014
cartoon and bi-girlfriend

Possibly, Thailand's ladyboys are known and loved for their feminine looks and tender touch. Being pre-ops or kathoys (local expression) they combine female grace and looks with full functionality of male organ. Do they get hard? yes, but it takes some effort. They do not respond to oral stimulation very well. The trick is to stroke their tranny cock while whispering into their ear: "Do you want to fuck my ass?" This will create strong ladyboy erections. Meet them on shemale live chat for dates and online talk:

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Shemale Fucks Bodybuilder

January 15th, 2014

Ever cared to see a petite blonde Tranny nude? Hmm, how about a tranny penetrating a bodybuilder's ass with her transsexual cock? Cool, you can see exactly that on Cocky Bitches. Most of the exposed transsexuals from this shemale site are Brazilian babes with huge cocks so it really does need a muscular guy to team up with them between sheets.

Shemale Blowjob Video

January 15th, 2014

Some trannies are very aggressive when they want to get down own you. They just rip off your clothes and start to suck your cock. Resistance is futile as seen on this blowjob clip from Cocky Bitches, a tranny porn site with she-girls from South America. Those girls are pretty strong and sexy. I wouldn't resist their oral skills. Just relax and wait for the cum to exit your little pipe :-)

Shemale Escort Porn

January 15th, 2014

Actually, it shows a lack of respect if you entitle a TS website Shemales for Cash. Don't you want to see trannies who have sex and do porn for the love of sensual friction and not just for monetary exchange? Well, reality get's back to earth. While this reality shemale porn site is certainly contained in a frame or theme to satisfy transsexual dreams, it is not that far off from the real world of Brazilian t-girls. Face it: most shemale porn stars are escorts or prostitutes.

This horny guys picks up 2 (not so) innocent shemales and offers them money in exchange for sex.

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Post OP Ladyboys

January 15th, 2014

We all love trannies with the feminine figures and the extra tool between their legs, but what about post-op shemales who have completed their circle of sexual transformation with a surgical gender change? I am talking about post-ops who have cut their penis off by a surgeon and are almost identical to genetic females (except that they give better blowjobs)? These post-ops are very deceptive, specially the Asian breed of Thai ladyboys. It's almost impossible to spot them from real females unless you are very skilled and experienced with ladyboy company. While most web sites feature ladyboys with fully functional cocks it was very hard in the past to find sexually explicit images and videos of post-ops. I guess it has to do with the t-girls' newly discovered feeling of being like a real woman and they do not want to be exposed as shemales anymore.

post op

A Thai transsexual with completed gender change is called a post-op ladyboy. They love to show off their fresh girlie bits on Ladyboypussy website

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Sexy Terah

January 15th, 2014

She is present all over the internet: Canadian shemale Sexy Terah. This petite ladyboy of Filipina-Spanish ethnic background is featured on so many erotic sites that it is hard to miss out on her. Awhile back I stumbled upon her Myspace account and found links to her from tranny escort sites. That would definately explain her high income and desire for luxury goods. Her own website features webcam shows and she is actively interacting with her members. Earlier this year she was featured in an interview on Eros New York that gave a lot of insight into her sex life.

Canadian Terah strokes her cock for a live webcam broadcast that she hosts on her own website

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TS Seduction

January 15th, 2014

I am not sure if seduction is the proper word to use with this controversial American Transsexual porn site: TS Seduction. The story line for all scenes is more or less the same: A dominant tranny maims and pummels a straight guy and introduces him forcefully into the art of transsexual love. I guess many guys - while they would never admit to it - have a certain bi-curiosity. It may be a bit to gay to try with a male partner, but with a beautiful feminine TS it's a little easier to follow up. Most tranny lovers consider themselves straight and not gay. I guess it is the same with the guys on TS Seduction, but it certainly lacks the romance the title is suggesting. But that's one of the big points for the big interest for real love. TS girls are a bit tougher at pleasing a guy. They don't shy away from getting down hard on their partner and they certainly know how to read their minds.

A dominant transsexual model seduces a straight male for ts seduction. Does the guy really have a choice? Observe his bondaged wrists!

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